Wood products


Originating from renewable resources, high-quality and natural material, wood is the ideal companion for natural kitchen. It brings authenticity to your cuisine, preserves flavours, is incredibly long-lasting, and all of this without generating waste. Click on photos for more information about products.


Vegetable brush


Pizza board


Salt pig


Egg timer


Mustard spoon






Pointed spoon


Wooden skewers


Pepper mill – 20 cm

Rolling pin


Bread board (with grill)


Tea scoop


Salt shaker


Straight corkscrew


Beechwood egg cup


Spatula with holes


Chopping board


Citrus squeezer


Ibis Tongs

Pastry wheel


Small board with hand grip


Pierced olive spoon


Honey dipper


Pocket corkscrew


Boxwood egg cup


Cooking spoons (25 and 30 cm)


Linden wood bowls 16 and 18 cm


Salt mill


Cooking spoons 20 cm

Pastry brush


Board with hand grip


Salt scoop


Jam spoon


‘Mushroom’ ash wood nutcracker


Spice spoon


Large spoon


Coffee scoop


Pepper mill – 13 cm


Oyster holder